Spare Change


It’s been four months since packing up and moving back from Sweden and we’re STILL waiting for our household shipment to arrive. I’ve got patio furniture set up in our living room and sleeping mats on the bedroom floors. We look like a KOA campsite only with really nice bathrooms. I miss my toothbrush holder; I miss my paper towel holder for the kitchen—it never let the roll get soggy or unravel… Read More

Have you ever sat cross-legged and found it hurts? Then Yoga might be for you, or what I mean to say is…you need Yoga. This realization came to me over time (like when I hit 40!) My body started to feel as stiff as a candy cane. I’d wake up in the morning feeling as though Lilliputians had been hammering away at my joints all night—and lets face facts, it ain’t gettin’… Read More