Spare Change


I usually talk about living in Sweden. Today I’m going to talk about living with scoliosis. The word originates from the Greek, meaning “to bend.” It’s the medical term given to  the spine when it curves—either an S-curve or a C-curve. In my case, it’s an S. My vertebrae are compressed and rotated, so if I bent forward to touch my toes, you’d see the protruding bones of my ribs and shoulder… Read More

The Tjejmilen is less than two weeks away, and what I should be doing, instead of munching on grapes and writing this blog, is running. I should be outside training for my 10K on this rare of rare sunny day, pushing myself to the limit, which as of now, is maxed out at a 7K. What I’m hoping will get me through is the adrenaline of racing with 35,000 other women (and… Read More

If I’m not blogging as much lately, it’s because I’m training for the Tjejmilen. “You only live in Sweden once,” a friend told me, adding that if I didn’t run in Sweden’s largest all women’s race, I’d be missing out the opportunity of a lifetime. (Somehow I believed her.) Directly translated, Tjejmilen means, “Girl Mile.” (I’m guessing that doesn’t sound as ridiculous as it does in English). The 10K with 32,000+ participants,… Read More