Spare Change


It’s been a year since we moved to Sweden and people are starting to ask, “Have you learned the language yet?” It’s kind of like assuming someone who likes to jog can run a marathon. It’s not happening. What I do know is, “Jag förstår inte svenska,” it means “I don’t understand Swedish,” and since my pronunciation is so bad, people get my meaning. Other words I’ve found helpful to know are… Read More

It wasn’t my most brilliant idea, drive to IKEA using a GPS that can’t speak Swedish. Oh my! Once I started onto the freeway system, there was no turning back—three freeways, two interchanges, tons of construction; I felt it a tender mercy from God I only made three wrong turns. I swore when I left Europe the last time, I’d never go back to IKEA (Like ever!). During our 9 years of… Read More