Spare Change


It’s never good when you wake up to the doorbell ringing. In this case it was Uri, the bus driver, asking “Is Jonah going to school today?” School??? I’d just stepped out of bed. I had on my robe, standing in the open doorway, freezing, the cold doing something at least to awake my fuzzy brain still brimming with dreams. No, I thought, no one’s awake, Jonah can’t possibly go to school… Read More

Micah starts school tomorrow. Tomorrow! I thought I had at least a week before I had to think about school supplies. This morning Micah is “practicing” riding the train with Cooper—that is taking public transit. To get to Stockholm International School, Micah will need to take the Lidingo train across the bridge, get on another train into the city, then a third train to go north one stop where he will disembark… Read More