Spare Change


If the BIG asteroid was on it’s way and Bruce Willis wasn’t there to stop it, then I’d want my last meal on earth to be at Matsalen, located at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. One of only two Scandinavian restaurants with a 2-star Michelin rating, it is as the guidebook says, “excellent cuisine, worth a detour.” And just so you know, to get 3-stars is extremely rare. Only 81 restaurants in… Read More

Martin Luther King day was on Monday; Cooper had the day off but the kids were still in school (hooray, a real holiday) so we drove into the city to run errands and have lunch at a place recommended to us, called East. It was a trendy sushi joint—men and women in business suits looking as if they were discussing urgent things. We sat amongst them, (there was no other choice, the… Read More

Maggie started preschool (again), this time at Futura in Danderyd. It’s an English-speaking school conveniently located near the British school (where Jonah’s attending) close to home. There are 4 teachers, 2 women and 2 men, yes men! That would be unusual in the States but here in Sweden you see men doing every kind of job—whether you’re a doctor or a garbage collector, you can make a good living wage with health… Read More

It wasn’t my most brilliant idea, drive to IKEA using a GPS that can’t speak Swedish. Oh my! Once I started onto the freeway system, there was no turning back—three freeways, two interchanges, tons of construction; I felt it a tender mercy from God I only made three wrong turns. I swore when I left Europe the last time, I’d never go back to IKEA (Like ever!). During our 9 years of… Read More

It’s been a busy week with two birthdays, Jonah’s and Cooper’s. I bought a traditional Swedish cake to celebrate. These cakes are everywhere in Stockholm and on the island; it’s like déjà vu each time I walk into a bakery. Inside it’s layered with white cake, and whipped cream, and always (always) topped with green marzipan. It’s rich and filling, but surprisingly mild in flavor—frankly, it tastes like a Twinkie (only not… Read More

It’s 5 am and the sun’s so bright I’m wide-awake writing, still thinking about Den Glydene Freden. Last night Cooper and I celebrated our 18-year Anniversary there. It’s fitting, I think, after all these years we chose the oldest restaurant in the world to dine at…yes the world! It’s been in business since 1722 serving up Swedish fare like Fried Lemon Sole with Brown Butter and Roasted Lamb neck with Beets, Artichoke… Read More