Spare Change


I forgot what it was like to be a four-year-old. Then again, I was never a four-year-old like today’s generation, techno savvy, digitally wired, hyped up on Bubble Guppies, Organic Honey Grahams and fruit you can squeeze out of a tube. (Can we please have these for adults?) I was a 70’s child, bottle fed, and dressed in terry cloth jumpers. Like most kids, I played Tinker Toys and read the blue… Read More

If a picture says a thousand words, than what do hundreds of photographs in one of Stockholm’s most acclaimed museums—Fotografiska—say about Sweden? Located in Slussen, the privately owned photography museum is housed in a brick Art Nouveau building, renovated by the city of Stockholm to the tune of 250 million crowns. Opened in 2010, it’s as you’d expect, very cool, hip and modern…so is the café and bistro inside, including the harbor… Read More