Spare Change


Had I written this post last week the tone would have been cynical and jaded. I would have had comments like, “Hang in there,” or “You’re doing better than you think” and the whole thing would have been reduced to an Amanda Wilkinson song, “It’s Okay To Cry.” But cynicism wears old. I get tired of being frustrated with frustrating people. You know what I mean? It takes too much energy. I… Read More

It was a harrowing trip from Stockholm to Frankfurt to Denver to St. George Utah. It was long and cramped and the show selections on United were as bad as the overcooked tortellini. Sixteen hours of travel time got us only so far as Denver, ugh! Then we had to go through customs. I was flying with Maggie and Jonah and between the three of us we somehow managed to haul 6… Read More

It’s move time. The truck is in my driveway and all heck is breaking loose. I expect this. I’ve been through this drill before. I’m familiar with stress and worry, fatigue and frustration. What I didn’t expect was the Unknown to come waltzing through my front door, grab hold of my shoulders and yell: “ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?? YOUR WORLD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!!” The Unknown is sneaky like that. It… Read More

Six weeks. That’s how much time we have left until we move. I know the drill. I know. I’ve been here before, but it still doesn’t seem real. And it won’t. I know. Not until I get on the plane and look down over Stockholm, to where I lived for the last three years, and listen to the flight attendant instruct us on where to find the exits and how to put… Read More

The chorus of a Willie Nelson song is running through my head, “On the road again, I just can’t wait to get on the road again…” It’s resonating with my current state of affairs, the fact that we’re moving, yet again (our third move in 10 months). First we were on the island of Lidingo then Stocksund and now we’re headed to Bergshamra in Solna. When it comes to living in Sweden… Read More

I’ve been off grid for a while, trying to put the pieces of my life back together, quite literally. I’ve got socks in the kitchen, Legos in my bathroom, pens in every room, (although if I need one, I can’t find any). We moved to Stocksund in minus 13 degrees, snow falling, with wind that felt like sandpaper brushing against our skin. The movers did double duty, alternately carting in boxes and… Read More