Spare Change


Today I saw an elderly couple, (I’m guessing in their eighties), walking down an icy sidewalk, holding hands, their free hands each holding onto one of a pair of ski poles. I want this to be me someday. That’s why I’m writing this post, sharing some Swedish secrets for healthy living. Starting with råkor, in English, shrimp. Swedes love these little hand peeled crustaceans. They buy them in buckets, floating in brine,… Read More

Martin Luther King day was on Monday; Cooper had the day off but the kids were still in school (hooray, a real holiday) so we drove into the city to run errands and have lunch at a place recommended to us, called East. It was a trendy sushi joint—men and women in business suits looking as if they were discussing urgent things. We sat amongst them, (there was no other choice, the… Read More