Spare Change


I forgot what it was like to be a four-year-old. Then again, I was never a four-year-old like today’s generation, techno savvy, digitally wired, hyped up on Bubble Guppies, Organic Honey Grahams and fruit you can squeeze out of a tube. (Can we please have these for adults?) I was a 70’s child, bottle fed, and dressed in terry cloth jumpers. Like most kids, I played Tinker Toys and read the blue… Read More

Sweden has one Apple Store, it opened this past year in Taby C (north of Stockholm). Like most Apple stores, it’s always busy, and for good reason. Even if you’re not buying an ipad, who doesn’t want to check out the latest retinal screen “Wonder of the World?” Speaking of wonders, a Swedish friend at Church told me his elderly mother had doubts about the resurrection…how could anyone die and really come… Read More