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Welcome to the Blue Lagoon. Twenty minutes from Iceland’s airport or 45 minutes from Reykjavek city center, this is paradise, this is the Disneyland of Iceland, this is one place you really should put on your bucket list. Things to know before you arrive: Tip #1: Buy your entrance ticket to the Blue Lagoon online. The cost is the same as the door prices, about $40 (a bit more if you want… Read More

Iceland is situated along the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge—the longest mountain range in the world and the largest geological feature on the planet. The ridge, for the most part, is underwater but in Iceland you can actually see the ridge where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates run together here at Thingvellar National Park. This was our first stop on our six-hour Golden Circle Tour, the most popular tour in Iceland. Notice… Read More

Iceland is a country like no other, eleven percent glaciers, eleven percent lava fields; it is truly the land of “Fire and Ice.” Traveling there this week, I expected the weather to be freezing cold, but it was actually quite mild, around 55 degrees. They get snow, but it doesn’t last. Locals told us there hasn’t been a white Christmas for the past six years. Despite its high latitude close to the… Read More