Spare Change


Remember that Seinfeld episode in the parking garage…the one where no one can remember where the car’s parked? Kramer is carrying a heavy air conditioning unit, he eventually off loads behind someone’s parked car; Elayne is worried her goldfish in the airtight plastic sack is going to die; George is worried he’ll miss his parent’s anniversary dinner and Jerry has to desperately urinate. At some point Jerry muses: Why is it other… Read More

February, in Sweden, is the month of Semlas—a delicious pastry (filled with whipped cream and almond paste) that can only be bought and enjoyed before Lent (this year on February 13th). At least that was the tradition. Now Semlas are so popular they can be purchased and enjoyed the entire month of February. At the bakery where I bought these tasty treats the young woman working behind the counter couldn’t tell me… Read More