Spare Change


A mist has settled over the Baltic outside my window. The boats, and not so distant trees, are shrouded in a gauzy grey. On the far end of the inlet the land has disappeared altogether. There’s only sky and water. Were I a sailor, new to these parts, I’d embark on my journey supposing nothing existed beyond my shore. I’d be wrong. I’ve seen what’s there on a sunny day, but right… Read More

Today is the darkest day of the year, December 21st. The sun went down hours ago, around 2:40, but then…I don’t remember it ever coming up. The sky is a cast iron grey and outside it’s minus 4, but in the distance, from my window, I can see lights glowing all along the waterfront. The ice and snow are glittering, penetrating the night. It’s what the Swedes promised would happen in the… Read More