Spare Change


I usually talk about living in Sweden. Today I’m going to talk about living with scoliosis. The word originates from the Greek, meaning “to bend.” It’s the medical term given to  the spine when it curves—either an S-curve or a C-curve. In my case, it’s an S. My vertebrae are compressed and rotated, so if I bent forward to touch my toes, you’d see the protruding bones of my ribs and shoulder… Read More

Today I saw an elderly couple, (I’m guessing in their eighties), walking down an icy sidewalk, holding hands, their free hands each holding onto one of a pair of ski poles. I want this to be me someday. That’s why I’m writing this post, sharing some Swedish secrets for healthy living. Starting with råkor, in English, shrimp. Swedes love these little hand peeled crustaceans. They buy them in buckets, floating in brine,… Read More

What could be worse than American reality TV?   Answer: Swedish reality TV. No, it’s worse than worse. It’s bad on steroids and not even in HD quality to boot. Why…you’re asking yourself…did I subject myself to this punishment? In all fairness, I had no choice. I was at the gym, (it has free childcare, need I say more), on the elliptical machine, (there’s only 2, it’s a small gym), facing four TV’s tuned… Read More