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If you read my last post, about Memory, you’ll appreciate what I’m about to share next…about making memories. In the book, “Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering,” Josh Foer (the 2006 USA Memory Champion), relates the extraordinary story of Michel Siffre, a French chronobiologist (someone who studies the relationship of time to living organisms). In 1962, Siffre did something radical for research; he locked himself in a subterranean cave… Read More

It’s Sport Lov week in Sweden, week 8 of 52 (they keep track). Which means Swedes everywhere take a weeklong holiday to ski and do other winter sports. (Don’t you kind of wish you were Swedish?) I mean, WHO DOES THAT…gives the whole country a week off to trounce around in the snow?!?! Oh. Right. They do that in America too. It’s just in America no one gets paid and it’s called… Read More