Spare Change


I usually talk about living in Sweden. Today I’m going to talk about living with scoliosis. The word originates from the Greek, meaning “to bend.” It’s the medical term given to  the spine when it curves—either an S-curve or a C-curve. In my case, it’s an S. My vertebrae are compressed and rotated, so if I bent forward to touch my toes, you’d see the protruding bones of my ribs and shoulder… Read More

My guests have left and my house smells like a garden. Inhale. Ahhhh…tulips, spouting bulbs, pale pink Gerber daisies and babies breath scattered throughout the house…it’s a Swedish tradition to bring the host fresh flowers, a tradition that is especially lovely in winter when you need (so desperately) the memories of spring. But even lovelier than all the gifts, are the memories of having these 8 incredible women to my house for… Read More