Spare Change


I broke the news late last night to Jonah. Actually, I thought he already knew. There is no Halloween in Sweden; no going door-to-door, stocking up on candy to be eaten for the next six months; no Snicker’s bars, Dum-Dum’s (who cares about those anyway) or Laffy Taffy. He didn’t know how good he had it in Cali, (isn’t that always the case), there we had neighborhood Trick or Treating plus Trunk… Read More

Here’s an idea for a fall day… Get a dirt-proof bag, like a Target bag, (or the one pictured here, a goodie bag from a recent birthday party made out of waxed cotton) and head to the woods. This could involve some driving first, but it’s worth it. Wear shoes that can get dirty.Here’s some ideas for what you can do: Collect leaves and compare their shapes and sizes, if you don’t… Read More

Each time we move, I am confronted with the task of re-identifying myself. What does your husband do? Where are you from? What ages are your children? These are the questions polite people ask. If you get beyond these, then you start to cover territory like: school, common interests, backgrounds. Of course if you get that far, then for all intents and purposes, you’re friends. In some cases I’ve managed to make… Read More

I’ve borrowed my title from an article written by Brad Wilcox. The idea he expounds on is that there are moments in life when the sun comes out and the stars align and everything for a moment, feels…well, perfect. It doesn’t last, but it happens! To quote Wilcox, “Remember the famous line from the musical by Lerner and Loewe? “’Don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one… Read More

I’m not saying my life is hard, it’s just hard for me right now. This is where the “Spirit of Adventure” meets the road. It’s been a gradual build up of things…toilets not working, flying ants in the basement, living in a temporary house with the same Capri pants I packed 10 weeks ago, the British School insisting Jonah be placed in 4th grade (their year 5) because of his birthdate even… Read More

The good news is our air shipment is arriving tonight, ahead of schedule. The bad news is…it’s wet. They’re bringing it early because they’re concerned it could be damaged. 900 lbs of everything we deemed most essential to have in country before the rest of our household goods arrived, in other words, our best stuff. Well…no use worrying…I’m still celebrating our first take-out pizza. Two thin crust “family size” pizzas for 400… Read More