Spare Change


FIVE. That’s how many hours, according to reports, we had of sunlight during the ENTIRE month of November. And it’s not looking much brighter for December. It’s dark. And it’s dreary. And I’m taking Vitamin D, holding out for “ski week” in February when you can betcha bottom dollar I won’t be skiing, but going someplace warm with sunshine. Hallelujah. But I still love Sweden and the coziness of winter, (most days)…. Read More

Before making a granny square afghan, or anything with yarn, scour the web for free designs–there’s loads of them. My favorite website is by Lucy, at Attic 24. She’s amazing! Her colors and vibrant designs are enough to cheer the dullest of days–the perfect fix for my long Stockholm winter. I love her Ripple Blanket and of course, the Granny Afghan Squares I made here. To begin, you’re going to need yarn… Read More

Late last fall, I took Maggie (and a reluctant Jonah) to Junibacken—a popular children’s play museum in downtown Stockholm—home of Pippi Longstocking. I’d been reading Maggie the story, “Do you know Pippi Longstocking?” so it would make sense, still…I’d been putting off going, imagining it would be a place like Chuckie Cheeses (Ugh!). Happily I was wrong. If anything, it was on par with Disneyland. Inside was a full-scale model of Pippi… Read More

It’s been Fall Break, two weeks off school for Jonah (in the British system) and one week for the rest of the kids. It couldn’t have come at a better time, just when the weather has turned cold and everyone is starting to get sick. It’s darker now too. The sun starts to set around 3:30 (that’s with daylight savings). For whatever reason, it just feels like you need some time off… Read More