Battling The Unknown

It’s move time. The truck is in my driveway and all heck is breaking loose. I expect this. I’ve been through this drill before. I’m familiar with stress and worry, fatigue and frustration. What I didn’t expect was the Unknown to come waltzing through my front door, grab hold of my shoulders and yell: “ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?? YOUR WORLD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!!” The Unknown is sneaky like that. It will wait until you sit to eat your Subway sandwich while the movers are on smoke break and leap out of nowhere to unnerve and frighten you.

But what you’ve got to remember is that the Unknown doesn’t know any more than you do. It’s all talk, all of it.

Keep doing what you’re doing, that’s what I’ve learned. Take comfort in being busy. It’s not a bad thing to have too much on your to do list when you’re going through epic change. Work is the antidote for most dreadful things. The laundry and dishes are tedious until you have things to worry about, then it’s nice to have a dish in the sink, clothes to fold, beds to make, just to keep moving.

When your life is in bubble wrap and the TV is in cardboard, there’s nothing to tune into except for yourself–time for a little one-to-one with your unconscious. If you haven’t had much time for yourself, well then, you may have some listening to do. What are you saying these days…deep down there in your cavernous soul?

A friend shared this with me…

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the moment.” –Lao Tzu

Where ARE you living these days? If you’re going through a change of address, I get it, life can be confusing.

Moving is a strange time. For that matter, ANY major life change is a strange time. Change will mess with your identity. Take away the external—your house, your job, your relationship, your address—and what’s left?

YOU! That’s what!
All that other stuff?
Not you.

You is where you’re standing right now—that very small bit of real estate you see when you smile in the mirror. And You can do this this.

DragonForce wrote our anthem…We Are The Heros of Our Time. We don’t need to bend metal, read minds or shape shift—although that would be cool. It’s enough to stare down the Unknown and say "Not today. Not on my watch." Wrestle with this beast and come out a winner, you deserve the Gold. You are a hero.

I’ve got suitcases in each bedroom, a thousand pounds of stuff for the air shipment in the dining room, laundry to be folded in the baskets, a freezer to clean out. The Unknown is hunting me down at every turn, but I’m onto its tricks. I’ve defeated this villain before. The Unknown can’t do anything it hasn’t already done but just as well, it’s good to be busy keeping the enemy at bay.

4 Comments on “Battling The Unknown

  1. So when IS moving day? And how long does it take for your home to arrive at its destination. How daunting, moving everything. I’ve lived in the same house for 30 years. I don’t even know how I’d move.

    • Everything is packed. I fly tomorrow to America. It’s daunting, but I’m excited to build “home” again and see what life brings me. My things should arrive in two months. Until then we have Target!!

      • Two months without all that stuff that makes a home. That, too will be a challenge. I hope at least the house is ready.

      • The house is closed on. Keys are waiting. As soon as I get the a/c running we’re moving in. (It’s 102.) We’ll camp until our stuff arrives:)

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