Got Frustration? I’ve Got a Solution.

Have you ever been frustrated? Hands high up in the air, higher, so I can see them…OK. That’s a lot of hands. So when were you last frustrated? Last week, yesterday, five minutes ago, just now when you couldn’t get the kitty riding the vacuum clip to load and clicked on this instead? I get it, but hear me out, just for a minute. I’ve got a remedy and it’s a sure-fire way to make frustration disappear. Want to know how I discovered it? I got frustrated…

I flew to the US this month to purchase a home I found online. It was pretty near to perfect; nestled in a lovely cul-de-sac with nearby schools and parks and easy access to shopping, yet close to nature. I was certain it was “the one” I should buy for our upcoming move to State College. My realtor previewed the place and let me know it was in great condition so I booked my ticket, boarded a flight the next morning and flew from Stockholm to Newark. I then rented a car, drove four hours, got a few hours of rest and woke up the next morning early to go see the place.

Sure enough it was exactly what I wanted. It had character, good flow, a studio art space, a well-lit kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Hours later I was pre-qualified for a loan and had made my offer. The house had only been on the market three days. I knew everything was going to work out according to plan.

But as I sat down to lunch with my realtor, eating Mongolian BBQ, her phone rang. It was the owner’s realtor, someone else had made an offer just before me and they were friends of the owners. The owners were going to take the other offer.

What?? Friends?

I offered more money but still no deal. I was stunned. The jet lag and lack of sleep were settling in fast and my head felt numb. I couldn’t believe it. How could this possibly happen when I knew this was “The Place?” I’d flown all the way from Sweden to get this house and it was sold.

My realtor sympathized with me, for a split second, but as soon as our shrimp was finished she got me back out on the road to resume the hunt. There were other homes to see and she was hopeful I’d find just the right one—she’s awesome. But inside I was feeling off track and out of sync. MY house had sold, and not only that, another house I’d kept in mind as a second option, had sold too! That made for two homes I wanted sold in less than a week. State College isn’t LA. Homes don’t fly off the market like hotcakes. What was happening? Talk about frustration!

Earlier in the month I’d sat down to dinner with my “life planning” friends, the friends I’ve mentioned in a previous post where we discuss our life goals at the beginning of each month (they’re awesome too). This month, the word I’d chosen to guide me through any impending disaster was “EXPLORE.” Explore encompassed a virtue that I knew I’d need if I was to make choices and figure out my future. And it was in this moment that the word came flashing to my mind…explore, explore, explore.

My frustration turned into exploration.

I thought about what I wasn’t thinking about…OPTIONS. I did have options. But what were they? I got quiet with myself and really thought about what I wanted. Where did I want to live? Where did I want to wake up each morning? Asking questions was the start of my exploration.

In art class we have a philosophy, when we’re stuck or blocked we experiment. Experimentation/exploration is huge. It’s the key on which the art world turns. Without it art wouldn’t happen. Van Gogh wouldn’t be a thing. ‘Starry Night,’ would have nary a star. We must experiment to evolve. Every artist gets stuck and they all know to get unstuck they have to be willing to make a shift, even if it’s incorrect, because changing the lines can get you to where you need to go. When one small part of a drawing changes, everything around it looks different. Until you make a change you can’t tell if the drawing is working or not working. You must draw then erase, redraw, or change an angle. But first, you have to be willing to put down that line, even if it’s the wrong line because until you try you won’t know.

With this principle in mind, I decided to keep looking and expand my search. Start shifting lines. I needed to see all possible angles of my dilemma. In the process, I realized I’d never thought to consult my parents about my decision to move. When my mom was diagnosed with cancer last fall, I’d made the decision to move to State College when Cooper went to Iraq. But a lot had changed within the year. Her tumor counts had miraculously gone from almost 5,000 to 16 and frankly she had more energy than I did (granted I was jet lagged), but still! When I sat down and asked my parents how they felt about me moving to a warmer climate, somewhere that I could still visit them and they could visit me in the winter, they didn’t hesitate to say, “Do it!”

Though I was led to Pennsylvania because of the house, it turns out what I really got was clarity about my future. Frustration gave me the opportunity to explore other options.

With every frustration in life, if we keep the mindset of “What else can I do?” we will find there’s a lot more available to us than we think. What we assume to be the “right path,” might only be a stepping-stone to the right direction.

Helen Keller said, “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”

No one needs to stare at closed doors, staying frustrated.

If your plan didn’t go as planned then it wasn’t the best plan.

Look around. Make a shift. See what else is in front of you or behind you. Is there anything you’ve overlooked? Is there a conversation you need to have?

My best advice to guide you on your path is this, “Stay close to anything that makes you glad you’re alive.” –Author Unknown.

Don’t get frustrated because you worked hard or spent time or your hard-earned money doing the “wrong” thing. Be grateful for whatever experience you gain. See each stepping-stone as a place of grace to take you to your ultimate journey—and hey, it’s all a journey. Experiment. Ask yourself: What feels good way down deep in my soul? Change frustration to exploration and there’s no doubt you’ll find your answers.

Featured Artwork by Lana Wimmer, “Born to Explore.”

P.S. I will be moving to sunny St. George in the desert of Utah by Zion’s canyon. Hello sunshine, hello happiness.

10 Comments on “Got Frustration? I’ve Got a Solution.

  1. So what happened? Where ARE you moving? I am amazed two houses sold so fast. I know if I put my ‘warmer climate’ home on the market, it would take months to sell. Because that’s just how it is.

    • Yes Jacqui it’s time to move so I’m heading southwest to sunny St. George Utah next to Zion’s canyon. I love this part of the United States and plan to have my art studio there in the red rock country. It’s been a dream of mine for a long time. (Hey, did I just write the perfect line to a country western song?)

    • Kim I’m moving to the next best thing, St. Georgey!! Tell me you will come visit!! We need to catch up on the last 8 years and figure out how our kids grew up so fast! xx

  2. This is my favorite post yet with my favorite news this year! Utah summers here we come!! I also love the snail picture with you and Maggie. Is that you and Maggie? To me it is.

    • Jen we’re going to have so much fun. Utah here we come. And yes, Maggie is my inspiration for all my art. She is a brave explorer. Xoxo

  3. Glad to hear you and Cooper are moving to the St. George area. We moved here after living in Seattle for 17 years and love it there. We lived in Ivins for a year and now live in Santa Clara. Our kids really like the schools and the weather….the weather is so nice except for a few summer months where it feels like you’re living on the sun. It’s really not that bad. We have five kids, some around the ages of yours.

    I hope to meet your family when you’re down in May.

    • Brett, thank for all your insights and info about St. George. We’re really looking forward to living in the beautiful red rock country. It will be great to finally meet you and your family. Cooper has told me so many wonderful things about you. We’ll definitely contact you when we get out there.

  4. Dear Lana,

    I think you are such a wonderful person – so full of compassion, so insightful and so
    wise. I see it as a true gift that my path in life crossed yours. Your husband is truly blessed having you as wife and your four children having you as mother.
    Thank you ever so much listening to me the other day.
    May God be with you every day (besides I am 100% convinced he is and always will be)

    Cecilia xxx

    • Cecilia you are a sweetheart. Thank you. I’m forever grateful our paths aligned here in Sweden. You are a wonderful person and friend. God bless and forever be with you! Xoxo

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