My New Blog Name–Spare Change

I started this blog to share my experience of living in Sweden with friends (OK, mostly my mother), and the handful of kind individuals that still pencil my address into their contact’s list (again and again). The idea was to share the local culture, post some photos, have fun…that was eighty-eight posts ago!!

Well, I’m ready for a change. Frankly, I’m not used to staying in one place for too long, (makes me antsy). I want to expand my themes, explore more topics, dig deeper, have even more fun. AND, it hit me this month, I won’t be in Sweden forever; we’ve already begun the process of bidding for our next job. “Lana in Sweden” eventually has to move. Ironically, I need a new identity.

But change is hard. Coming up with a new blog name felt even harder. But this notion of change has always been a part of my life, it’s what I understand, what defines me. From the moment I married Cooper in 1994 my life shifted drastically. We had our first child, Cooper went to Law School, we moved to Washington State for his first REAL job, then moved shortly after that so he could take the job he actually wanted, working for the State Department in D.C. Factor in more kids, multiplied by new countries, adding more moves and it all adds up to a lot of change.

The great thing (though I didn’t think it so great in the beginning) was that these changes in my global environment influenced my perspectives on parenting, culture and lifestyle. The constant change taught me that while everything can be different, certain universal truths remain the same. It’s this distilled meaning from life that I want to explore here with you.

Of course, I will still be writing about Sweden (I’m not moving yet). But there will be thoughts on global parenting, traveling with kids, moving across borders and whatever else has application to handling life’s many challenges.

“Spare Change” is a bit like the styrofoam cup of pennies that sits next to the register with the handwritten message, “Take one if you need it, leave one if you don’t.”  Sometimes we need a little change to make the difference. Other times, we can be the change for someone else. Generosity need not entail great amounts of wealth; it’s about giving what you can, whatever you have to spare, the widow’s mite, a penny.

There are 300 billion pennies in the world. Alone they can’t do much, but gathered together they can make a real difference. Who can’t use a little spare change?

5 Comments on “My New Blog Name–Spare Change

  1. I love reading about parenting and education around the world. It is so different. Sometimes what parents think is important is 180 degrees from what other parents think is important. Thanks to people like Margaret Meade, my mind is wide open to successful parenting.

    This is my long way of saying I’m excited about your changes. I look forward to your insights.

  2. I love learning from you. It is strange as I see your family embark from one journey to another and we are just starting on our first one…with so many unknowns. It’s scary, exciting, strange, but hopefully rewarding!

    • I can’t think of a family better prepared or ready to handle the challenges of living abroad. You’re children will thrive and with all if your talents you will no doubt make it a fantastic experience!!

  3. Love your new name. You learn so much from experiencing new cultures. I know I am so impressed with the way the Swedes have laws to give parents paid time off to be with their young children. Why can’t we in the U.S. see how important our children’s youngest years are? They need that parental support. Until you experience other countries you don’t realize that families and especially small children are valued so much more in other cultures. It’s an eye-opener, isn’t it? ( And isn’t it wonderful to see the Swedish fathers be as involved with child care as the mothers ? ! )

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