Ulriksdal Wardhus Julbord

I’ve been told the Ulriksdal Wardhus Julboard is on a list of things you should do before you die.IMG_8574

I understand why now. It could just be the only time in my life I get to see a real pig’s head decorated with icing. Or eat this…pickled herring. IMG_8597

At least I’m pretty sure that’s what this was. The platters ran the length of a banquet table.IMG_8599

There were so many courses. The first course was various meats and pickled vegetables, platters of salmon and steamed vegetables and salads.IMG_8570

IMG_8572In another room there were pans of hot meats, beans, potatoes and sauces.IMG_8592

The last table held desserts and assorted cheeses, including cookies, mousse, candies and fruit (both fresh and dried).IMG_8588

IMG_8584IMG_8590IMG_8582The food was delicious, and at times unique. I’ll say that. I didn’t need to eat for the rest of the day, it was so filling. I would say if you eat one Julbord in your lifetime, the Ulriksdal Wardhus is the one to have. Everything was made from scratch…homemade…you could taste the spirit of the season. This is what a Swedish Christmas is all about: a memorable feast, celebration, gathering. It’s one day out of the year but the joy of the Julbord experience, like Christmas, lasts much longer. God Jul! And Merry Christmas!

10 Comments on “Ulriksdal Wardhus Julbord

  1. This harks back to the days when humans ate as much as they could when they could because they had no idea when they’d get to eat again. Is that a real pig’s head–decorated with frosting? This is amazing, Lana.

    • That is a REAL head, broiled and decorated. Yes, I felt perfectly extravagant eating so many luxurious courses. Historically survival depended upon these feasts. Now the trick is NOT to overeat when we have so much abundance.

      • I think it remains as a decorative trophy (thank goodness.) But there’s lots of delicious ham to eat with sweet spicy mustard and red beets in a sauce of mayo and sour cream. It tastes even better than it sounds!

  2. Lana, this was so interesting to read.. Just out of curiosity, is this Ulriksdal as in the “castle” in Stocksund? I would be keen to try this place out with the family.. do you think kids would be ok here? Our toddler does like to eat fish and meatballs..

    • Yes! That’s the one. I think kids are very welcomed. There’s easy parking and plenty of space inside if a toddler, for example, needs a break to roam. I do think you should experience it!

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  3. What a beautiful and delicious display!
    For the record, I’d like to be outlined in icing – as a trophy – at my own funeral celebration. The pig does look rather joyful!

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