Our Swedish Holiday in Our Own Backyard (Ulriksdal Slott)

Yesterday was a Thursday, only it felt like a Saturday. Cooper had work off and the kids were out of school. I have no idea why. All I know is, it was a Swedish holiday and we desperately needed the time to do a lot of unimportant stuff. You know, the kind of uninspiring things that take up otherwise useable brain space and critical mental energy. Like for instance…fixing the knob that fell off the drawer on our front entry table. The screw was lost in the move. This is a drawer where I like to stash odds and ends, (a junk drawer) but since we moved I’ve only been able to store Gummies inside. (The kids think since the knob is missing the drawer won’t open, hee-hee, but you can still slide it out from underneath–best hiding place ever.)

Anyway, I took the knob off from another drawer, put the screw in a Zip-lock baggie, and drove it to the hardware store. I found the information desk, waited for someone from the correct department, who spoke English, to come to my aid, then followed the heavily perspiring man with an enormous belt to an aisle where we spent a few uncomfortable minutes standing side-by-side, holding up screws to the light seeing which, if any, would work. After an exhaustive search, what we found was exactly close enough and that was fine with me. I felt like a real do-it-yourselfer! With that off my list, I could move onto even less important projects, all of which required more shopping.

I bought a thingy-ma-jiggy to attach to my outdoor spigot so I could fit on a hose, grill tools, and a weed whacker, which then required an extension cord that cost $100. Now I know electricity is nothing to mess with, but should 40m of copper wiring covered in cheap plastic really cost that much? Whatever.

My cart was full and I still needed tomato plants. But then I remembered, it wasn’t Saturday. It was Thursday! I still had Saturday for buying plants and working in the garden. Now onto enjoying our day.

You all know I have this 10K coming up? If you don’t then you’re not reading my blog and you’ve missed the post about the Tjejmilen, (I get it, you have unimportant stuff to do too). I hadn’t been running since we moved and I really wasn’t looking forward to starting again. A big reason is that I haven’t a clue where to go; I’m all turned around with new streets and new paths. So Cooper and I decided to explore (in other words, get lost) and less than a mile from our home we found this extraordinary palace, Ulriksdal Slott (Slott means castle). IMG_5725The palace was built as a country retreat during the mid 1600’s. During the Russo-Swedish War (1808), it served as a hospital. Later other kings took it over and furnished it in their own styles. Now it’s open to the public and exhibits Gustaf VI Adolf’s art and silver collection.

Check out this great walking/running path we found…IMG_5741Adjacent to the castle is the Orangery Museum. Built during the 17th-century it housed exotic fruit trees and plants during the winter. Now, I’m told you can see sculptures inside from the National Museum collection.IMG_5737The royal grounds…IMG_5740View from the bridge…IMG_5734

IMG_5732One of many structures and cottages on the property…IMG_5731There’s a cafe too, open everyday year round (except on Mondays in winter). The menu looked pretty good…(LAX is Salmon, Kyckling is Chicken).IMG_5735I call these the magical fairy woods. They are the Royal Woods and have remained untouched for centuries.IMG_5745Look at these ancient tree roots…IMG_5724Saw this Dala horse on our way home…IMG_5744When we got home we sat for a while in front of our house, catching our breath, watching the boats leave the dock.IMG_5746I got us some cold drinks of water, (a Coke for Cooper) and we sat some more. It was a lovely day. My perfect kind of day. A day to get things done and to do absolutely nothing at all. The best part is we can do it all again on Saturday.

4 Comments on “Our Swedish Holiday in Our Own Backyard (Ulriksdal Slott)

  1. Nice to read about your adventure here in Sweden! Beautiful pictures. Yesterday was the Ascension day in memory of when the resurrected Jesus was taken up to heaven. Hope to see you soon! Kram

    • Thank you for letting me know! I always appreciate understanding the cultural rituals so well preserved here in Sweden. Kram

  2. How amazing!! You are going to love training now that you know the area a little better. I love your pics- so beautiful!! I can’t believe that huge castle is so close. You need send pics of your new place. I’ve been oh so patient. 🙂
    I miss Sweden! I’ve gone to Ikea twice since being back just for lunch.
    I hope you are doing well. I miss you! Xoxo

    • Yes, I will put up some pictures of our new place. Now that Spring is here everything is in full bloom and it’s gorgeous. So glad you got to visit! Miss you. xoxo

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