BMW Museum Munich

There’s only ever been one museum, in the history of taking my kids to museums (a lot of museums, someday they’ll thank me), that they have not protested; the BMW Museum in Munich. Even if cars aren’t your thing, it would be hard not to get your engine revved over this historical look at one of the world’s top auto manufacturers. Located in Olympiapark, the museum opened just before the 1972 Summer Games, but has since undergone extensive renovations.IMG_4772IMG_4801IMG_4783

Even the engines and turbines look like works of art.IMG_4819

I told Jonah to hop on and smile, cause this is going to be the ONLY motorcycle he’s ever going to ride.IMG_4804IMG_4809

Love this car…maybe cause it has Cooper’s name. Awww…IMG_4780

BMW’s Concept cars make the future look exciting.


BMW i8 Concept

Here it feels like you’ve just entered “the grid.” All the indirect lighting lends itself to some serious serenity.IMG_4825IMG_4818

If you’re there to buy a car, simply walk across the platform to the dealership; custom order, pick it up when it arrives, and take it for a victory lap indoors, while you sniff in the new car smell.IMG_4800

BMW cars even come in Maggie’s size. (Not until your 16.)IMG_4799

Want to relax? This is the chill zone. Kick back in a spinning pod and enjoy the exhibit.IMG_4785

Check out this retro orange 2002ti…there’s a trip back in time.IMG_4828

If you want to know what cars look like before they hit the assembly line, it all begins in the design stage, a hard “moldable” plastic.IMG_4820

Here’s a little something I have my eye on…IMG_4832

And in the middle of all this metal and glass you’ll find a tree. Yes,IMG_4775 BMW is using some of the 900 million olive trees growing on planet earth (90% of them in the Mediterranean), to tan leather naturally.  Thank you BMW.

With a restaurant and two cafes, we could have stayed all day, but of course, Munich is filled with sights to see, it’s just some might say, this is the best one.

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    • Love German engineering! This is our second time there and it’s even bigger and cooler. Definitely worth the trip.

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