Swedish Easter Decoration (Gladpask)

FEATHERS, lots of feathers, are all you’ll need to make a really fun Swedish Easter decoration. Glue them or wire the feathers onto the ends of branches. My kids thought this looked like something out of the Lorax.

IMG_5025IMG_5024Or maybe just put a bunch of feathers in an old birdhouse…like this one. Lovely.IMG_5026

This time of year you can find packets of feathers not only at the craft store, but in the very large upscale department stores like Ahlens.IMG_5027IMG_5037While you’re at Ahlens picking up feathers, why not buy some pants to match?IMG_5032IMG_5023Or a mushroom to sit on?IMG_5029Or some Pippi clothes?IMG_5031

Saw this display today using multiple colored feathers.

Have fun and Gladpask!

4 Comments on “Swedish Easter Decoration (Gladpask)

  1. That is really funny. I did not know that in Sweden Easter means feathers 🙂 I still regret that I never got around to buying some nice easter eggs in Prague. They have some gorgeous decorated easter eggs.

  2. This is HILARIOUS! It reminds me of the ugly, evil-looking witch marionettes that were sold in toy stores in Germany. Who in the world would buy those?

  3. I definitely need some of those pants. Next time you go, do me a favor and take a picture of the shoes too!

    • I think I’ve seen some of those pants on you right? You can get away with it too! You’re so cute!!

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