Birthday Week

My son turned 17 this week and my daughter turned 4, somebody pinch me. Like just  yesterday I was like listening to Duran-Duran and like getting perms and like thinking 40 was old!

Malachi celebrated his birthday at Sigtuna, which is to say, there wasn’t much hullabaloo. I took him a heart-shaped cake with pink frosting (it was on Valentine’s day), to share with his House. He gave me a big hug and said, “This is so cool mom,” which is all the thanks I needed.

As for “The Princess,” there was a little more work involved, starting with tea cups. I found a set of these at Myrorna. (Remember my post ages ago about a friend making my day, showing me a thrift shop?) I bought 8 teacups and saucers, a few doilies and a serving plate (for a steal).DSC_0008Next I had to find a princess, a dancing princess (Maggie loves to dance.) Luckily I found Darby Kendrick at church, a real princess. She offered to come for free as part of her community service hours for school. Love her! DSC_0040She taught them how to dance, wave and curtsy like a princess.IMG_4740Here’s Kendall and Nora, working on their poise.DSC_0052After making bracelets and sitting for story time we ate lunch and, of course, had pink cupcakes. See that bunting across the window? Please say you see that bunting. That was what I sewed, by hand, one stitch at a time (till 1 am) after I couldn’t find the presser foot of my sewing machine. (My sister will be so proud.) Maggie’s keeping it hung in her room until she’s married, or else.

And those pom-poms, yeah, well, they came from a kit. But they’re not hard to make if you have a Michael’s Craft Store (boo-hoo) and can buy tissue paper. Just accordion fold the tissue paper into a long fan, tie in the middle and gently pull the edges apart. Voila, instant princess party.

DSC_0017Lots of love (and butter). Hands down the best recipe for cupcakes is from The Cake Mix Doctor. DSC_0020That’s how old she is, not how many cupcakes she’s eaten.DSC_0065When Nataliya showed up in Tangled’s dress guess who had to change? DSC_0074After the sugar crash Maggie was all partied out, but what a party it was. I (almost) can’t wait till next year.IMG_4732

5 Comments on “Birthday Week

  1. What a darling party! I LOVE the decor Lana – great job! I’d keep it in my room if Maggie outgrows it! 😉
    Happy happy birthday to Maggie AND Mal! We love and miss you all!!!!!

  2. You’re officially Miss Domestic Princess…or shall I say Goddess!!! I tell ya, I never had bday parties like the ones you give…my sister-in-law spends equally copious amounts of time on her kids birthdays, and they’re always SOOO worth it. I think properly celebrating one’s arrival on planet Earth is a FABulous idea…they’ll really remember it! Nice job Sis!
    (I can’t believe Mal is 17!!!! We are getting old indeed…)

  3. Rest assured, your sister is VERY proud. To be honest, I’m not sure I would tackle that bunting by hand. You definitely get the seal of approval. Looks like a great party, and with decorations like that how could it be otherwise? The cupcakes look fabulous too.

    • Oh thank you. I thought of all those pants you hemmed for me, by hand. I just thought, what would Keri do and kept on sewing:)

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