Yoga was “Delightful”

Have you ever sat cross-legged and found it hurts? Then Yoga might be for you, or what I mean to say is…you need Yoga. This realization came to me over time (like when I hit 40!) My body started to feel as stiff as a candy cane. I’d wake up in the morning feeling as though Lilliputians had been hammering away at my joints all night—and lets face facts, it ain’t gettin’ any better with age.

I’d been dropping Maggie off at pre-school, passing the bulletin board, glancing every now and then at a flyer tacked up, the word “Welcome” printed across the top next to, “Yoga with Maria.” On the bottom it said, “Free Trial Class,” and what’s more it was in English.

I took a picture of the flyer with my phone (my new trick so I don’t have to type) and carried around the photo for the next couple of weeks, as if my intention was going to do something for me. Finally, I found the resolve to dig into storage and get my yoga mat. (Still there and what do ya’ know, it looked brand new.) Here I go I thought, let the torture begin…

I arrived at class, at least what I thought was class. I was at the wrong address. Of course, right!? (Remember: Mama said, “They’ll always be road blocks” or was it “they’ll be days like this.”) Knowing from experience that I tend to (always) get lost, I’d given myself extra time. Ha-ha, I outwitted fate, (that’s how dang smart I am). So I called Maria for directions and just as you would expect, she was calm, helpful and told me I was standing around the block from where I needed to be. Oh.

I found the class inside a church. I knew it was the right place as soon as I walked in because I could smell the incense burning. Light was filtering in through the thick panes of glass, and music was playing, chanting, dissident tones set against a haunting melody. Right away I sensed subdued energy flowing through the air, or maybe it was the fact that for me, being in places with high ceilings induces a kind of reverence and awe.

Ahhhh…I was relaxing already. I found a space to situate myself and laid down my mat. Maria greeted me. She was petite, tan, and had biceps that would make Michelle Obama jealous. She smiled and offered me a box filled with words. I was to select one and if I choose to (yoga is big on free will), stay mindful of the word during my session. My word was… “Delightful.” I can assure you, it wasn’t a word at all on my mind or in my state of consciousness. Just before leaving home I’d been absorbed in the morning paper, reading every travesty the International Daily Herald could fit on the front page (there was a lot). But having received the word, I admit, it shifted something in my head. With seemingly little effort of my own, I began to focus on thoughts of what I might find “delightful,” or what could be considered to bring delight.

Class began. Stretching first, focused on our breathing until gradually it became more and more intense…planks, downward dogs, flowing into eagle’s pose and cobra. In spite of my clumsy attempts at Tree pose, I found myself feeling grateful for my mobility (limited as it was) and even my breaths. Yoga heightened my sense of awareness, helping me see how futile my thoughts were racing through my brain. Maria talked us through each pose, reminding us to “let go.” After the savasana at the end—a meditative state where you lay on the ground, relaxing with a lavender scented eye pillow (yeah try to get up after that one)—I felt both mentally and physically refreshed. What I’m saying is, you should give yoga a go…at least that’s what I’d say if you were British, but if you’re an American, I’d say “check it out,” and if your local then no excuses, get to Maria’s class!

For more details on Maria’s class and other local happenings, go to

6 Comments on “Yoga was “Delightful”

  1. Lana you have once again INSPIRED me. I have an idea for you…..have you ever thought about writing a daily piece for the newspaper? You are certainly a talented writer and have the ability to draw others in with your words. I know you are a busy lady but think about it……I love you and thank you for being the woman that you are ( an inspiration to many)

    • Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. I have thought about a lot of different writing projects, then I go do laundry or run my kids to basketball. 🙂 I keep saying “someday,” but I’m starting to think I should make someday happen sooner than later. I’m definitely taking your words to heart so a BIG thank you. And Kram (hug in Swedish).

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  2. Do you think yoga is a good Sunday activity? It is for meditation and gettingin touch with yourself and God? I keep telling myself I need to do it to get ready for bearing a child but I keep putting it off. I will do it after reading your post!

    • Yes, absolutely. There are different types of yoga. I love Vinyasa because it coordinates every move with the breath. You maintain a sense of awareness of self throughout the session and during the ending phase, where you rest with palms open, lying on the ground, your mind is in a very calm state and open to receiving wisdom. It is a powerful practice that I want to get better at. For me yoga affirms the Christian philosophy of love and acceptance.

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