There are days when you don’t feel like exercising or doing much of anything. On those days, I think of this woman…IMG_465793 years old, her daughter told me she never misses a day of walking. I couldn’t believe when I came upon her, shuffling down the icy path, while I myself struggled not to fall in my sturdy boots. This lovely Swedish woman allowed me to take her picture. I told her she was “an inspiration;” her daughter translated. She smiled and I could tell by her expression she didn’t think it was a big deal…only she was enjoying the sunshine.

Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.

                                                                                              –Walter Elliott

3 Comments on “Perseverance

  1. That is so incredible. Hats off for sure (not literally-too cold for that). No wonder she’s 93 and still going.

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