Futura Pre-School (and another great find)

Maggie started preschool (again), this time at Futura in Danderyd. It’s an English-speaking school conveniently located near the British school (where Jonah’s attending) close to home. There are 4 teachers, 2 women and 2 men, yes men! That would be unusual in the States but here in Sweden you see men doing every kind of job—whether you’re a doctor or a garbage collector, you can make a good living wage with health benefits.

I spent three days, just as I did at Vittra, helping to transition Maggie. Occasionally she’d turn to me and ask things like, “Why are you still here Mom?” I was wondering the same thing on day 2 when it was obvious to everyone she was absolutely fine without me, but this was Swedish protocol. Also protocol, we were only allowed to stay for two hours, (so as not to overwhelm her). As we dressed to leave she asked, “Why are they kicking me out?”

Nevertheless, she loves the school, and her new helmet for recess. Helmets are mandatory for going outside to sled because the ice is so hard one fall could knock a kid out cold. I wish you could see these 3 and 4 year-olds dress themselves in their thick snowsuits, top of the line Gortex boots, hats, gloves and helmets…it’s astounding. Look at the fun they’re having taking this hill on their butt slides. (No, it’s not 5pm, it’s the lightest part of the day 11:00-12:30.)


It’s a workout just getting back up the hill. Here’s Natalia helping Maggie. After falling a bunch of times the two figured out a method of crawling and using their sleds. Team work!IMG_4472IMG_4473IMG_4482

I can’t stop taking pictures out our windows. I didn’t grow up around water so please pardon my intense fascination. I am constantly amazed how the colors of the ocean change hour by hour with the reflection of the clouds and sun. IMG_4469IMG_4467

For a while there was ice forming on the Baltic but then it melted and now, slowly, it’s starting to take shape again, thin rafts, drifting. Our Swedish neighbors are anxious for the ice to form so they can go ice- skating.

Here’s a shot of the tree that greets me every morning. I’m not zooming in, it’s that close, right outside our bedroom window. No matter what the weather, even if it’s gloomy and dark, the tree looks like it’s lit up with sunshine because of the unique reddish bark. It’s my “be happy” tree.IMG_4470Our lastest, and greatest find (aside from the pool), has been Monrad’s in Djursholm. Cooper and I went there for lunch and discovered, like most local businesses in small Swedish towns, it does double duty as a restaurant and fishmonger. You could smell the fish when you first walked in and to be honest, it was a little off-putting, but I’m glad we stayed. It was just the kind of atmosphere I like: tables with candles and crisp white linens, a cozy leather couch and settee in the center, if you prefer, Vintage Modern décor, with pieces you’d find at Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn, like the large iron chandelier–the centerpiece of the room.

The food was outstanding. Our lunch, grilled pike perch, was flanked by a generous amount of pureed carrot and warm cabbage-bacon salad. Every bite melted in your mouth, (no doubt bathed in butter). I would have skipped dessert, should have, but the staff was so gracious and the atmosphere so relaxing, (plus there was no hurry to go back out in the cold), we shared a Crème Brule, served up with a delicate glass of diced mangos. It was a 4-star dining experience at a 2-star price, without the hassle of traveling into the city to look for parking. Next time we go, (and there will be a next time) I’m going to investigate their wall of jarred chutneys and jams and see about buying some fresh fish to bring home…then again, it’s so much nicer when someone else does the cooking.

7 Comments on “Futura Pre-School (and another great find)

  1. Lana – you are my favorite author. I want to make a book from your blog…. Would that be okay? Love you!

    • Thanks Kim, much appreciated encouragement…maybe, I’m hoping, (finger’s crossed), that the book I keep thinking about writing will write itself. In the meantime, I just like blogging:)

  2. So happy for Mags! Sounds like your wait for the right house paid off! I also thank you in advance for allowing my comment WITHOUT typos to post. Will this jet lag ever end….!?

  3. Hey Lana- I just love all your posts..Maggie is getting so big..she looks like she is having a lot of fun at her preschool….looks very cold..but what a great adventurous experience for her and you. I am checking out preschools too for Lucia..I remembered the Good Sheperd Preschool you told me about in Irvine…Lucia loved visiting it….enrolling her may be for the fall. Anyways, thanks for sharing and I put our blog address above if you want to check out our adventures. LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE…ITS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT! Love ya. Kira

  4. This one had my mouth watering, reading about the perch and the rest of the menu. Definitely nicer when someone else does the cooking. One nifty secret I learned a couple of years ago is that if you take fish out of the oven/off the grill/off the burner (depending on the cooking method) about 2 minutes before it would be completely done and let it sit on the pan for 3 minutes it finishes cooking and is the moistest fish EVER! Really delicious and it has a melt in your mouth quality that has everyone raving. The pics of Maggie are as cute as ever.

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