Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet

This week we headed to The Natural History Museum in Stockholm. The edifice itself is well worth a visit–built in 1916, it’s situated next to the main campus of Stockholm University–it’s massive. The hotdog stand, (you can see in the picture out front), is pretty awesome too. Ever have a French hotdog…where the bun wraps all the way around? They squirt ketchup and mustard in the middle–it’s not bad.

It was a rainy day. We weren’t sure what to expect, but as long as we stayed entertained and dry we were going to be happy. And lucky for us, the museum didn’t disappoint, it was…it was, how should I say this, um….Taxidermy Heaven? Literally. Almost any animal you can conceive of, moose, bears, all kinds of fish, elk, even reindeer, stuffed, with most in action poses.  I didn’t elaborate on how exactly they were stuffed, or explain that they were alive before they got stuffed. We just kept it that they were cute and furry and fun to see…especially this little red squirrel. 

In addition to all the “stuffed animals”, they had a special exhibition of photographs by Dr. Joe Zammi-Lucia, a scholar, author and world’s leading animal portrait artist.

In his words…

“In creating images of animals, I have little interest in what the animal looks like; in the animal merely as observed object. Rather my interest is in the deeper reality of what this animal might possibly be. ‘How do I feel in relation to this animal?’ ‘What might it be like to be this animal? These are questions that interest me.”

Looking at these larger than life canvases, you could truly feel the spirit and soul of these amazing creatures. Can’t you sense their individual personalities?

This traveling exhibit has been shown at the United Nations in New York and Geneva and  is touring in museums worldwide. Here’s a few more of our favorite shots, including the “Angry Monkey” Maggie told me I shouldn’t show anyone

And because the photo of the Lion was so cool, I had to experiment with my new App, FilterMania 2. You can get some really cool effects with your photos in just a few quick clicks. Check out some variations of the museum photo using the Lion. (I call this first one the Narnia effect.)

4 Comments on “Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet

  1. Those were such neat photos (and a nifty stuffed squirrel). All they need are some captions!

  2. What’s fascinating (or disturbing…) is how humanlike the expressions are! What are they thinking?? Only about their next meal? Or about how to take down us people and rule the world!! Haha

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