How to take a Nature Walk (only one rule)

Here’s an idea for a fall day…

Get a dirt-proof bag, like a Target bag, (or the one pictured here, a goodie bag from a recent birthday party made out of waxed cotton) and head to the woods.

Here’s what you’ll need

This could involve some driving first, but it’s worth it. Wear shoes that can get dirty.Here’s some ideas for what you can do:

Collect leaves and compare their shapes and sizes, if you don’t know their names, make up some that sound good.

Our Family of leaves

Collect pinecones or rocks to take home to display around a candle, or fill a dish and add a few drops of essential oils to fragrance a room. It will be a nice reminder of your fun day.

If permitted, cut some wild flowers for a vase (a canning jar will do).

Be sure to tell a story along your walk and make your child the hero or heroine. Only one rule about storytelling: It must have a monster! And don’t worry about being original, Snow White was in the woods, so was Little Red and Goldilocks, make something up from there. My story involved a certain “Princess Maggie” that was out picking wild roses when along came a wicked witch that demanded the roses belonged to her and no one else. (Does any part of this sound familiar?). As punishment, Princess Maggie was kept in the enchanted forest behind a wall of towering trees, cared for by the Woodland Fairies. (If you look hard you can find fairies on your walk too:). The ending involves Princess Maggie being very clever and of course a Prince. Everyone should live happily ever after.

Search for a Magic Fairy Wand, (or Wizard Wand). Cast some spells!

Older kids can get in on the action too, collecting things to make a “land sculpture.”

It started with just a head, then got more elaborate…

It was a windy day so before our leaf man blew away, we took this picture.

My walks in the woods aren’t just about kid fun. I look at nature for inspiration for design. My interior design professor at BYU held that nature was the best place to find a palette of colors to decorate a room. Take for instance this photo, combining lush green moss, cool pastel blue and warm browns and greys…what a fantastic color scheme…or

Nature’s Palette

what about a vibrant green paired with scarlet? Are you feeling Christmas?

Just being in nature is the goal. Nothing complicated. Nothing stressful. Then home for warm cocoa. You’re kids will thank you.

4 Comments on “How to take a Nature Walk (only one rule)

  1. I love this!! Am going to do it this weekend with my little guy! thanks for the reminder to do something simple and special and fun!

  2. Those glossy red berries look good enough to eat! Love your nature-inspired art. And your orange wellies!
    Need your help, my dear. I’m redesigning Afton’s (aka guestroom) bedroom, I’ve had an antique painted iron bed in storage that I’ve been dying to use. Over its lifetime it has endured many coats of paint, as evidenced by the charming chips and dings, however, the latest is red. And I’m keeping it. Please look for an original color palate involving a more blue-tone red on your next adventure! I promise to use it in my design.

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