Birthday Week

It’s been a busy week with two birthdays, Jonah’s and Cooper’s. I bought a traditional Swedish cake to celebrate. These cakes are everywhere in Stockholm and on the island; it’s like déjà vu each time I walk into a bakery. Inside it’s layered with white cake, and whipped cream, and always (always) topped with green marzipan. It’s rich and filling, but surprisingly mild in flavor—frankly, it tastes like a Twinkie (only not as good). Pretty though…don’t you think?

Maggie started pre-school and I spent the first three days helping her “transition” (hanging out in class). I think I had more fun than she did; painting, going out to play and eating the fabulous school lunch–food made from scratch. No joke, the food was restaurant quality. And what’s more, the kids get to help themselves to as much as they want. Baked salmon, quinoa and steamed vegetables, falafel and rice. Here’s a picture of Maggie and Emily cleaning up the table with their tin bucket. (Actually I think Maggie’s telling Emily to stop eating Wasa crackers and get out of the way.)

It’s getting colder and that means more school shopping. We took the train into the city this weekend then taxied home with our packages (it’s way too crazy to drive and find parking). Below is a preview of the Scandinavian looks for fall.

Men of all ages wear scarves and skinny pants. I wish I had a picture to show you the red pants typical of Swedish fashion. Red pants are worn like a neutral color, paired with almost anything and rumored to be popular because it used to be you had to either have been a millionaire to wear them, or have circumnavigated the Atlantic Ocean. I can’t say for certain if that’s true, but one thing’s for sure, red pants are the height of fashion in Stockholm.

Micah’s sporting some Swedish style

Remember me telling you about the woman’s group starting to form on the island…myself and a few other expats meeting for tea here on Lindingo? Well, our group of 6 has grown to over 20 now; we no longer fit in the teashop so we’ve moved to a farmhouse restaurant north of the island—Elfvick’s Gard.Typical Bread Table with hard breads and disks of Wasa

Selection of Desserts

Traditional Swedish Cinnamon Buns with Sugar on top

It was a rainy day, but toasty warm inside with a lovely fire going. (See there are good things about cold weather!) I took an umbrella but as you can see from the picture below, it did me little good.

Maggie stayed warm with her friend Kendall, both wearing their colorful slickers and rain boots. My rain boots arrived this week too! So I’ll be able to jump in puddles now and trust me, there’s plenty of them.

4 Comments on “Birthday Week

  1. MMMMmmmmm and it looks like the layered look will always be in fashion in Sweden.

  2. Love your posts! Wish I could take in some of that cool culture. How long do you plan on being there?

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