Camelot Moments

I’ve borrowed my title from an article written by Brad Wilcox. The idea he expounds on is that there are moments in life when the sun comes out and the stars align and everything for a moment, feels…well, perfect.

It doesn’t last, but it happens! To quote Wilcox, “Remember the famous line from the musical by Lerner and Loewe? “’Don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment, that was known as Camelot.’”

If life were always “Camelot,” could we really appreciate it? Okay, maybe. But rather than mourn the fact it isn’t, we can celebrate the brief interludes when it is, and in more desperate times, conjure up the memories of better days—hence the necessity of a camera.

I was glad I had mine, when Maggie and I stumbled upon Cirkus Scott in downtown Stockholm. Imagine a gigantic circus tent set up along the edge of a park—resembling Central Park in New York City—and just behind the tent were animals resting between their performances: elephants, camels, show ponies. Anyone could walk right up and pet them or step inside their string barrier fence. What in the world? A string fence???

It was slightly alarming but these animals were hopefully trained, right? And used to human contact. They came up to you and I swear looked you in the eye as if they wanted to communicate.

Swede Feeding Elephant

Maggie and I watched an elephant up close for a while as it circled the end of its nose around a patch of grass, effortlessly yanking it from the ground, feeding itself like its nose was a third arm. We were fascinated. We picked grass and fed it to the camels, observing the way their teeth would grind round and round. Since then, Maggie wants to know at dinner if she is chewing like a camel. “Yes,” I tell her, and she smiles.

That day feeding the animals, Maggie running through the wild grass, her surprise at the lumps on the camels back, the sun on her face—I’ll never forget. It was a small moment, not even a trip to the circus, serendipity maybe, but it happened and I have the pictures to prove it. Life isn’t perfect, but for now, it’s just nice knowing some moments are.

Here’s a link to cut and paste into your browser in case you want to read the article by Brad Wilcox. (Someday I’ll get fancy and learn how to post a real link)

6 Comments on “Camelot Moments

  1. This was the perfect day for you both! Like an answer to prayer and better than cookies with vanilla. Also try orange or rasberry in place of vanilla…yum! Yes, Maggie had more of a great education with you today than at any school. So you are not only the best Mom but teacher. By the way I love seeing the animals here and was surprised as these pictures really had me wondering where you had jetted off to. hugs..

    • We were able to get so close to the animals. It was an amazing experience. One that for now helped me remember life is an education and the world has so much to teach.

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  2. Lovely. So glad you had a good moment. I agree with what Bobi said, you are the best teacher Maggie could ever have!

    • Thanks Marinda. I taught at a preschool once and lasted three days. But then again it was a Montessori with absolutely zero structure and I had thirteen 2 year olds to care for (something about that just didn’t feel legal), so I quit. Maybe this time with just one student I can succeed!

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