Be Grateful for Peanut Butter

I’m not saying my life is hard, it’s just hard for me right now. This is where the “Spirit of Adventure” meets the road. It’s been a gradual build up of things…toilets not working, flying ants in the basement, living in a temporary house with the same Capri pants I packed 10 weeks ago, the British School insisting Jonah be placed in 4th grade (their year 5) because of his birthdate even though as parents were telling them, “No, he already completed 4th grade!”

Arrrgh! Preschool is a whole other hurdle. The fact that it costs as much as college tuition is besides the point, we can’t even find one that will take Maggie. Either they are too far away or full or they never return my calls. Today I tried just showing up at one–Vittra, it’s local and the best option I have, one teacher speaks only English, the other only Swedish–but I think I  flustered them. The administrator was polite but informed me she didn’t have time to discuss fees, nor could she tell me if there was any room. Okay but, if she doesn’t know, who knows? And why is it taking three weeks to know? Sigh… She said she’d email me later.

Basically if you’re not part of the “kommune,”the local government that covers the cost of preschool, it’s incredibly hard to break in from the outside as a private entity. I feel marginalized and disregarded, like no one will take my requests seriously.

To make matters worse (get ready here because I’m about to wax dramatic) I made chocolate chip cookies and they were terrible. That never happens. My comfort food! I know the problem, I didn’t add vanilla but they don’t sell it here. I was desperate. I didn’t think it would matter…waaaaa…but it does….boo hoo!!!

At least I have peanut butter. Cooper returned from a quick trip to the states and brought back the “spoils” of the west…among other things Five gum, Pam cooking spray, Reynolds Wrap (nothing beats it), the toothpaste we love and magazines–at least I can read about the lifestyle I’m not living.

Despite my frustration, I know from experience that in time things improve and if they don’t…we’ll move;) But seriously, there is one thing I have to be grateful for and that is the love and support of wonderful family and friends.

Thank you for letting me rant. Thank you for sympathizing. Thank you for offering advice when you’ve been there before. I couldn’t do it without you!!!

16 Comments on “Be Grateful for Peanut Butter

  1. We sure miss you Lana! Things will get better! And now I need your address. There is no way you are living without Vanilla! xoxox Tiffany

    • I’ve discovered NetGrocer:) It might be a few weeks till my order comes and I can make those cookies but at least I know someday I’ll have my fav cookies. You’re awesome though for being willing to send some vanilla! Miss you!

  2. So funny.. I could have written almost the same kind of report of my day here in Georgia, USA today 🙂 Isn’t it funny how as soon as we are out of our element and around things we are not used to and cultures that are foreign to us, the initial reaction is that everything is better at home. I am still struggling with the fact that human voices are hard to reach here in the US when you try to call a company or a service line.

    • Meike, what are you doing in Georgia? They have everything you need in Germany:) If I were there now I know I’d have my vanilla. I’m sorry you’re dealing with tele-operators. All that time your spending on the phone and unable to cook dinner you can make up by not cooking at all, just got through a drive through. Haha…it’s a different lifestyle there for sure. Hope your adjusting. Keep me posted!

  3. Oh my girl.. – I just love your feisty or not feisty attitude. I love you and miss you very much.. Give my Maggie girl loves from me ❤ ..

  4. How could anyone take one look at Maggie and not take her on the spot?! From thousands of miles away, I can tell they are seriously lacking in judgment skills.

    • Awww…my Maggie is so darn cute and sweet and no one will have her. Oh well, looks like I’m going to be Mom and pre-K teacher this year too.

  5. Great writing, Lana. Notwithstanding the flying ants, your adventure sounds daring and exotic. I hope the school challenges improve, and quick. PS I am ever grateful for peanut butter.

    • Thanks for posting Michelle! Not withstanding daily challenges, Sweden is an amazing place…perhaps better suited to a vacation than actually living here. Ah well…no moving back now. At least it makes for interesting writing:)

  6. Thanks for being willing to write how it really is! Do they have the vanilla essence? Tiny vials that you use just one or two drops, instead of an entire teaspoon? That is what I had to use in Germany. So sorry about the school mess. Those darn Swedes!

    • No vanilla essence either…boo hoo! I bought that in Austria and used the full American tsp. the first time I made cookies–whoa! You only need a couple of drops of that stuff but man does it make a difference.

  7. My goodness if this is your rant keep them coming. You make me more grateful for all I have and thank heaven Cooper gets to come home for shopping for you. Next time two bottles of vanilla! Maggie is there loss and your gain as I am VERY sure you can teach her things they won’t have any idea of. Tuesday is my temple day and your sweet names are going on the prayer roll. Love and miss you all! xo

    • Thank you Bobi! The good news is they tested Jonah and just moved him up to his correct grade (like we told them).Yeah! And Cooper ate my terrible cookies anyway and said they tasted great. Haha…he knows just what to say. Thanks for your prayers, I can certainly use them!

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