Forest Cathedral–a poem

Forest in Lidingo, Sweden

The forest floor glows,
like a crystallized kingdom.

Moss of golden green,

clings to whatever it can.

The smell of damp earth,

after the rain fills my breath.

It is the memory of something…

distant, peaceful.

The sunlight trickles down,
dotting pinecones,


a tiny black beetle

and so much wild clover.

The trees, straight as steeples,
rise high and I…

I bow my head backward,

Below a young pine has taken root.

In time…

It too will join this vast cathedral.

by Lana Wimmer

I can’t help myself. Whenever I see trees I hear Sigourney Weaver’s voice,

“Trees, among the most significant of all living things…”

If you haven’t watched Planet Earth you need to. She narrates the 11 episode series that garnered worldwide attention just a few years back. Each segment is 50-minutes long and dedicated to exploring a different biome or habitat of the Earth. It is a wonder of nature and a testament of epic proportion to how amazing and mysterious our planet truly is.

My hope, however,  is that this documentary will not become a historical film about what used to exist. When I read reports of fish turning belly up and dying in overheated mid-western streams, I worry. Protecting the place where we live should be a priority, right??? I mean…after all, if you don’t have a planet, where are you going to live?

Whether you’ve seen the documentary or not or just have an opinion about how we can preserve the planet, I’d love hear your thoughts….

2 Comments on “Forest Cathedral–a poem

  1. Like you dear frined I say love the earth, protect it, Father made it and we need to respect it. All around us so lovely, IF we do our part for it. Love the pictures you have here and hope your ankle is strong for you to now explore His garden. hugs..

  2. I become more and more aware of the earth and all it gives us as I grow more mature. Not older but more marure! HAHA! I always try to reuse and recycle. One of my favorite causes to support was in the Philippines. There were a group of woman who live with their families in a landfill called Smokey Mountian in the Philippines. They rummage through the trash and rubble to find used juice boxes and then weave purses, bags, pencil holders, coin porses, necklaces and many other things out of them. I keep thinking we could sell those in the states and make some good money and then help the ladies that live there. If we could just get Paris Hilton to carry one around we would be RICH!!

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