Myrorna made our rainy day worth it

Today was our first rainy day in Stockholm. We were all ready this morning to visit Skansen, (the world’s first open-air museum, a 74-acre wonder in downtown Stockholm), when it started to drizzle then suddenly poured. From the living room window we watched the rain propel itself sideways onto the patio with such force it bounced. (There must be a Swedish word for rain that bounces.) It was something to behold.

Living in California the last couple of years has made us blissfully oblivious to the weather. Naturally we have no umbrellas and silly me, I packed Maggie’s raincoat in our air shipment, which hasn’t arrived yet and probably won’t any time soon. The rest of us have brand new Marmot jackets we bought before leaving the US, but even those, I fear, are no match for this weather—our pants and shoes would have gotten soaked.

So the kids popped popcorn and watched Pocahontas (much to the boys chagrin but it kept Maggie happy) while I spent an hour researching boots on the Internet. Frankly I was clueless as to how many options existed for simple hiking boot: ankle, mid-size, Gortex, hydrophobic mesh, molded footbeds with microbe shields, fancy treads and steel toes. They even have videos of shoes on! Click on a shoe and people named April and Jennifer, looking like they just woke up and threw on a t-shirt, will tell you about their footwear. It actually was quite helpful. I placed an order with the realization, of course, that it won’t do me any good now. I’ll have to cope with whatever elements come what may, until our boots arrive at the DPO. At least I know this fall our toesies will be warm and dry.

After a bit the rain let up so we drove to Lidingo’s city center to the only theatre on the island—The Grand. It has two theatres that each seat 21 (yes you read that right, 21 people). Madagascar 3 and Ice Age is playing and although there were plenty of seats the show was dubbed into Swedish—I should’ve guessed. We walked around the nearby city shops, a little despondent, reminiscing about Irvine when we decided to get lunch at a café. The ham and cheese sandwiches we ordered were generously sized, accompanied with a large salad, however, one bite into the sandwich and we all detected something was off. Ham and cheese with sun-dried tomatoes? Don’t get me wrong, I love sun-dried tomatoes, but these large oily chunks were anything but working in this combination.

We ate what we could feeling, at this point, the day was awash, literally, when a friend called, my only friend—my sponsor from the Embassy. She’s obligated to be nice to me but she’s gone way above and beyond the call of duty to assist me from everything from getting fans for our temporary house to enrolling my kids in school. She’s an absolute angel. And since she had a free moment, she wanted to drive us to the local Thrift shop just over the bridge on the edge of the city in a town called Ropsten.

She recommended we check out Myrorna since it is a good place to find lots of odds and ends. She was right! I found the Nordic walking poles I’ve always needed…(ok wanted, but they all use them here when they’re out walking around the trails and it looks cool) and the kids each got a pair of soccer cleats. The trip was educational too since the kids saw a typewriter!

Typewriter at Myrorna

We had to be careful with Maggie in the extensive glassware section (she has a penchant for breaking things) but once we got our loot to our car the day felt like a success! Maggie even got in a nap on the way home while I was lost in the city making wrong turns. (Even better, she wasn’t awake to hear all those things I said while I was driving:) In fact the day turned out so good I’m almost looking forward to the next rainy day…just please, not until my boots get here.

7 Comments on “Myrorna made our rainy day worth it

  1. OK, 21 seats for movie goers! WOW, and to think of the size of what we have. Life is interesting for you, as well as for us to read and this helps me feel like I am on an adventure with you. The rain you write of sounds unreal but I know it is true because you say it. Still it makes me love Irvine all the more. Boots, yes I hope yours arrive soon as you do not need to be without those. As far as your “sponsor from the Embassy” I will say in a firm typing hand here I am VERY sure she is loving all of you. You are love magnets, everyone loves all of you, so I feel safe in saying she looks forward to your shared time. Seeing the old typewriter was fun, as are thrift stores as they always have such history. So carry on and know I send all of you hugs from Irvine~
    PS I am sure Maggie would not have been harmed by anything you would be saying whie on a side trip of driving.

  2. Oh how I love your attitude! You’re so right to just get the gear and go out in the rain. Makes me laugh to hear people in Irvine say, “it is too wet to go to the park” after a light sprinkle, or when a relative told me it was too cold to bike in St. George during the winter. Proud of you and your kids for having tough skin!

  3. Lana…I feel your pain….all the things we take for granted. I’m glad you are making memories for yourself and your children.
    You are a TROOPER !!!!
    Hang in there…
    Love you ALL !!
    Debbie and Family

  4. Lana!!! I love love love reading your blog! You are off on another adventure – and one so different from any other you have been on! I should have ‘warned’ you about the ‘gear’! The Danes always had a saying…no bad weather, only bad ‘gear’. by the time we left Denmark and the sideways rain, we had the best rain coats, rain pants and rain boots!!! i found that the Hunter boots worked wonders in the summer/spring and Fall and then I would get those fuzzy inserts for the winter since all the snow usually ended up wet and slushy anyways. Good luck with all that and keep that positive attitude! School should be starting in a few weeks for you guys! Look forward to hearing how it all goes for the boys! Will Maggie be in school as well? Love to you all,
    Julie, Doug, Jack and Cate

    • Julie, so glad you told me about the Sorrel boots. Those are coming in the air shipment but yesterday I could have used them. I didn’t think I’d need my “gear” already in August! Still I can’t complain, the countryside is beautiful and it’s been mostly sunny days–all the way till midnight! I’m getting to see what your life was like in Denmark:) Maggie will probably be in a pre-school only I haven’t found one yet. Don’t know if the Danes do this but all the Swedes vacated the city and won’t be back till August 15th from their vacations. Until then there doesn’t seem to be any administrators around to answer my questions. Yeah well, they do balance work and life and from what I can see, they know how to live life and have fun and we can all use a little more of that.

  5. You are the BEST — I just can hear the sailor in you while doing all the wrong turns..LOL — I just love your guts..miss you my beautiful friend ❤

  6. Wow, Lana – we get excited by rainy days here, but you can still navigate the wet while wearing rainbows. :). I love that you can’t get TOO lost on an island. At least you’re in no danger of entering another country by accident! I do admire (and miss) your attitude and willingness to show your kids the sights, come hell or high water! Or…sideways water! And hooray for a thrift store!! What a blessing to find items native + necessary to your new homeland. ❤

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