Bathing in a Pasta Pot

Okay, so I don’t actually fit in a pasta pot, but I did heat water from the stove and carry it into the shower where I took a nice hot sponge bath. It’s day 3 (or is it 4…I can’t keep track) in Lindingo Sweden and we’ve yet to get the hot water working. Apparently everyone in Sweden goes on vacation in July, so it’s considered an “Emergency Call” to get a technician to come to the house to fix things and even then it will take some time:)

We did manage to buy train tickets today and ride the train to the largest grocery store on the island, Willy’s, similar to “Giant.” It involved some hiking, and carrying Maggie part of the way, but we made it. The selection of fresh fruit and vegetables was nice but expensive, although I’ve yet to figure out the exchange rate so I just pay what they tell me, “6 fuji apples for 22,30 SE…sure, why not.” For a while we stood staring at the selection of hot chocolate, trying to figure out which one to buy. Being that it was a 60 degree windy day with some rain, we felt like we needed hot chocolate, that and some Haribo gummies. There was an entire aisle full of gummies, not just Coke gummies and gummy bears, but gummies in the shape of fried eggs, peaches and frogs too! We each got a pack and hopefully they’re going to last because I don’t know how soon we’ll be taking the train to the store again.

The temporary house we’re in is lovely, shaped like a box with windows everywhere–long rectangular ones, some large that slide open, others high on the wall and in the stairwell that offer lots of natural lighting. Since it’s summer and stays light till almost midnight we don’t need much else to light the house. We are still living out of our 12 suitcases filled with summer clothes from California that so far haven’t had much use, and a few toys and books. I sat on the couch today to lounge after lunch and Maggie asked me, “Mommy, what are you doing?” I told her “relaxing,” and realized it was a new verb for her vocabulary. Until now I haven’t taught her the art of truly relaxing, the kind where you read a magazine as you sip a hot chocolate and afterward fall asleep for good 20-30 minute nap. It was strange sitting down not having anything pressing, nowhere to go, no cellphone to check, no TV or even internet. But it was lovely, just sitting, watching the birch trees bend in the wind, reading about recipes I’ll never make and good advice about cleaning I’ll never use. Mindful and lovely. I ask you…when was the last time you really relaxed?

11 Comments on “Bathing in a Pasta Pot

  1. You just crack me up! I love your perspective on life, your willingess to live every day with joy and your awesome attitude. xoxo Sally

  2. Lana,
    I’m so glad to hear you have made it safely to Sweden – just in time to enjoy their beautiful summer. I hope you continue to enjoy many relaxing moments. Xo Kate

  3. Love it. Love the Wimmers. Hope you guys are doing great in Sweden.

  4. My goodness what a visual and also great Lana laugh. I could see you on the train, in the store with dear little Maggie. Now relax….yes, for most of us this is a unknown word. Still I am happy to say I got to do this today when I sat at the beach watching my Grandson surf! PURE JOY! So for now know I send hugs to all and so look forward to the next read. xo Bobi

  5. Oh you are a girl after my own heart .. I miss you like crazy.. it is a good thing that I am teaching in primary.. could not bear RS without you.. Love you ❤

  6. Haha! No, I haven’t seen you do much relaxing… you’re always doing SOMETHING!! I love hearing about Sweden. Did you get in touch with my friends?? Hope they are helpful! Miss you!! xxoo

  7. For a moment I was there with you Lana…. relaxing and reading your lovely post! I love your approach to every life experience. Can’t wait to read and see more! xxoo

  8. I don’t have a log in exept the one for my son Topper so please ignore the name and photo. Anyway, I love the Blog and Please let us know when you update it. It makes me miss Copenhagen. I will have to plan a trip!! Have fun and enjoy the warmth!!
    Love, Michelle

  9. THANKS for writing the blog! I’m happy to have a mental picture of where you are and what you are doing. I love your comments on relaxing. I need to do more of that- being still and feeling the joy of our world. Much love to all of you, Jillair

  10. I’m so happy to hear that you made it safely and happily to Sweden! What a fun adventure! I love your take on relaxing- I don’t think any of my children know that word! I certainly won’t be able to teach it to them for years to come! One day I’ll be able to sit with my feet up! Until then I will think of you; deserving and willing to take the opportunity!

  11. Glad you made it safely to Sweden. I love Swedish grocery stores. Especially the candy isle they have. Have you seen it? I do hope that you get some hot water soon.

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